BHAROSAA— A Story built on trust

The demands of professional life often compel us to move away from our hometowns. While such movements result in financial gains, a nagging worry persists- the thought of the well-being of ageing parents and other loved ones left behind at home. Keeping this in mind 'bharosaa' has been set up to provide personalised and humane care for those who need it most.


BHAROSAA— The birth of a story of trust

Remember your warm memories from your childhood? It was a time full of love, joy and comfort all provided by your parents. It is indeed worrisome when professional and personal needs compel you to stay away from your parents, who are now aged and need the constant love, affection and care which they themselves had showered on you when you were a child.

Keeping in mind the challenges faced by your ageing parents and loved ones we have formed ‘bharosaa’, a team of fully dedicated and committed personnel who will be there by your parents’ side and for them. At ‘bharosaa’ our mantra is to lovingly help your parents meet the challenges of everyday life(For example, medical needs, daily household needs, specific utilities, etc) and overcome them with dignity.

BHAROSAA— Extending our hand

Our mission is to create a support system for your ageing parents and loved ones, thereby giving you, their child, the confidence that their parents are being taken care of and well looked after even in their absence.


We at 'bharosaa' know fully well that we can never be your replacement to your parents so we do the next best thing. We have created a team of well trained personnel with a humane touch and backed by a solid interface and system which enables us to discharge our duties to your fullest satisfaction by providing the services required by your parents with a lot of empathy and care.

BHAROSA— A network of trust

Running the network of trust with a team of “bharosaa saathis”, who will be assigned to and responsible for your parents’ needs and requirements at a personal level. Once you/your parents have joined ‘bharosaa’, a ‘saathi’ will be assigned exclusively to your service. This network of trust will be backed by a 24/7 mechanism for query-response, a web based interface with a robust algorithm and supported by an array of partners/ associates and service providers.


BHAROSAA— How does it work

The functional bedrock of ‘bharosaa’ is a perfect symbiosis of technology and the human aspect. Our team of dedicated and empathetic personnel are supported by the latest technology along with committed associates and suppliers. Our personnel are trained to courteous and warm while dealing with your parents, so that they feel comfortable and at ease.


We have tried to keep the joining process simple and hassle-free. Just log on to our website and follow the simple instructions for the registration process. In case someone is unable to register through the website, we can provide assistance at home for the same, on the basis of a joining request logged in with our query assistance team.

After Registration

  • A dedicated “bharosaa saathi” is assigned to your parents.The “BHAROSAA SAATHI” is the primary point of contact.
  • The “BHAROSAA SAATHI” personally meets your parents and completes a full profiling of their requirements and preferences, through a friendly interactive session.
  • The “BHAROSAA SAATHI” explains the salient features of BHAROSAA to your parents- services that they can avail, means of communication, etc.
  • The “BHAROSAA SAATHI” will be assigned to pay a personal visit to your parents once every week.
  • Digitisation of all medical files and records.

THE LEADERSHIP – Our Chairman and Managing Director

Our Inspiration

Mr. Supro Mukherjea, Chairman

Mr. Supro Mukherjea an ex IITian, is also the Co-founder of Teletube Electronics Limited, Ghaziabad (founded in 1973), the parent company of the Samtel Group of Companies (listed in BSE & NSE). He has also served as a Director of the Indo-Canadian Chamber of Commerce.


The Man Behind the Idea

Mr. Srimanta Kumar Chatterjee, Managing Director

Mr. Srimanta Chatterjee is the founder director of Adventure Event Management Pvt Ltd (AEMPL), an ISO certified organisation operating with a successful track record for nearly 2 decades in the Marketing services, events and television production domains. A dynamic leader with nearly 30 years of exposure in Sales & Marketing, he has been involved in many social and philanthropic activities through his association with Rotary as well as some NGOs. Bharosaa is the newest vertical launched by him, with the objective of providing professional service with a humane touch for those who need them most.

Our Esteemed Associates

Sudip Saha
Healthcare Professional, Dubai,UAE

Reshmi Palit
Attorney, New York City

Our valued Partners

The core team of Bharosaa

Bharosaa Sathi – with you all the way

The life-line – 24x7 Call-Centre